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„Great professional lawyer. You work with them, not with a paralegal or partner. I highly recommend it in your case“ Eligibility: Legal assistance is available for serving personnel, including National Guard and Title 10 reservists, their dependents, and retired military personnel, regardless of branch of service or operational unit. Solicitor-client privilege is strictly respected. Notary and Power of Attorney hours: The office is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. for walk-in notary and power of attorney services. For our one-time clients, we have a „Special Moody Power of Attorney“ that includes 15 different items, including ID cards, taxes and finances, which are normally required by an individual when their spouse is deployed. For the Moody Special POA, you can simply come to the office during walk-in hours.

A worksheet and website ticket number are not required. For all other proxies, please follow the instructions below and have your ticket number handy upon arrival. General legal assistance: Appointments for general legal advice are possible on Wednesdays from 9:30 to 11:30. For our deployment customers and others who are not available during these times, we will review your schedule and agree on the time that works best for you. Appointments can be made up to one month before the appointment. Information about legal aid is also available on the Air Force Legal Assistance webpage,, and can be a good place to start before making an appointment with a lawyer. Our lawyers advise on rental law; home law and family law; and consumption. Our lawyers cannot represent you in legal matters of a personal and civil nature.

Therefore, it may be necessary for you to find and hire a civil lawyer. Will appointments: Appointments for wills are available on Tuesday afternoons from 13:00 to 15:00. Appointments are made in 30-minute increments and can be made up to a month before the appointment. Use of active duty appointments: Active staff have preference for appointments and are scheduled as required. How to get a will or power of attorney: Before calling to make an appointment for a will or obtain a power of attorney, please visit One. Click the Legal Worksheets tab b. Complete the spreadsheet for the documents you want to create. c.

Register your ticket number. d. Call our office at 229-257-3414 to make an appointment with your ticket number. Personal attention. Constant communication. At Moody Legal, we give you the peace of mind of knowing what to expect in a stressful and uncertain time. You`ll benefit from our years of invaluable legal expertise – but more importantly, you`ll have our time. Hiring a lawyer is an important decision that shouldn`t be based solely on ads. Before you decide, ask us for free information about our qualifications and experience. This website is provided for general information purposes only. The information presented on this website should not be construed as formal legal advice or as the establishment of an attorney/client relationship. Contact us today for advice on your legal needs.

Due to our current health emergency and our HPCON CHARLIE status, the firm will limit certain services and switch to telephone appointments. We are a law firm that provides business-oriented legal advice to commercial real estate clients. As a group, we all started our careers and were trained in the real estate departments of regional boutiques and law firms. We have joined forces to create a focused commercial real estate practice with reduced overhead to provide exceptional service at reasonable prices. In this way, we believe we are in the best position to achieve our ongoing goal of adding value to our clients` businesses. Our quality attorneys are licensed in Virginia and other states, including Florida, North Carolina and West Virginia. In addition, The Moody Law Firm provides legal representation in all states of the Union through our extensive network of lawyers in other states. We behave with integrity in everything we do. Our reputation as individuals and as a company is of paramount importance. The plaintiff, an assistant to Carman, was wearing seat cushions from an Amtrak passenger train. While carrying the cushions, the plaintiff entered an open hatch and fell about fifteen feet to the bottom of the inspection pit, under .

Read more about $1 million jury verdict „I am very pleased with Mr. Moody`s professionalism and caring attitude. He helped my wife and me through a difficult situation and made it easier for us. He has been there for me over the years, as many problems arose long after his first services were needed. I recommend him to anyone who needs his services. „Please bring your own blue pen to appointments to limit the number of cross-contacts. I strongly recommend that Mr. Moody manage your bankruptcy. Throughout the insolvency proceedings, he was extremely responsive, professional and provided excellent advice. Before the submission, I was very nervous and didn`t know what it would look like. He explained everything about the process, left nothing in the dark, and made sure my concerns were heard. Now I don`t live with debt.

If you are looking for a lawyer who will give your bankruptcy file the attention it deserves, call him! „I had to file for bankruptcy and contact Anthony Moody. It was a very stressful time. In fact, he came to my house to get my information and made the process much easier than expected. He was always available to answer all my questions and I had plenty of them because I had never gone bankrupt before.