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Our firm, which is certified as a minority, strives to provide quality legal services in the field of employment and employment. Since the employment relationship is a difficult dynamic with different personalities and stressors, there is not always a one-size-fits-all approach to dealing with problems. We take a mature, rational and pragmatic approach that takes into account the interests and core values of our clients as well as our own. We recognize that the employment relationship is just that: a relationship. If this relationship is good, the company is better. If this relationship is bad, the company and the people involved in that relationship can suffer, regardless of what the income statements show. We work as a team with our clients to reduce the inevitable stress caused by existing or potential work and employment issues. We look at the „big picture“ of how each case or decision affects the client`s business. We offer the best we have to offer: service. Kong and Tang, according to authorities, repeatedly violated state labor laws by underpaying more than a dozen former workers to which they were legally entitled between 2014 and 2020. Amazon argued that the attorney general does not have the legal authority to sue Amazon for workplace safety violations because federal labor and safety laws take precedence over New York laws. Amazon`s DBK1 fulfillment center in Woodside was identified in lawsuit (Google Maps) The lawsuit also alleges that the company took „swift retaliation“ to silence workers who spoke out against allegedly lax protocols.

For example, an employee at the Staten Island plant was fired in late March, while another worker at the logistics center received a final written warning in April for filing complaints, according to the filing. Michael Dorgan`s role at LexisNexis is a litigation and legal research specialist The filing says that starting in March, Amazon began rolling out daily temperature checks, formalizing contact tracing, and revamping workplaces and break rooms to implement social distancing rules. The investigation was launched after the case was referred to the BA by the Laundry Workers Center, a Manhattan-based nonprofit group that works primarily for immigrant women workers in the industry. „Regardless of the industry, my office will not tolerate abuse and mistreatment of hard-working New Yorkers.“ The lawsuit alleges Amazon failed to comply with the state`s cleaning and disinfection requirements after learning that facility workers had contracted COVID-19. Other requirements that the company did not consider were not to close the sections visited by infected workers and not to increase air circulation in these areas. According to the BA, the company also did not have a paid sick leave scheme and did not provide employees with adequate paid sick leave. The company also required workers to find a replacement before they could call in case of illness, which authorities said affected employees` right to sick leave. „All workers should be treated with the utmost dignity and respect, but Enterprise Cleaner owners took advantage of their hard-working employees, forcing them to work long hours and not paying workers what they were owed,“ James said.

„Amazon`s efforts go far beyond what is required by law and, as noted below, go far beyond actions deemed complete by the New York Attorney General`s Office,“ the filing states. New York State Attorney General Letitia James is suing Amazon for allegedly failing to protect its employees from COVID-19, including workers at its Queens plant. Michael Dorgan`s colleagues include Chris Jenks, Rashmi Shah, Curt Will, Rong Wang, Ajay J. Michael Dorgan is the litigation and legal research specialist at LexisNexis, based in the United States. „Through collaboration between the Attorney General`s Office and our organization, we can lead by example with Enterprise Laundromat to ensure bad actors stop breaking the law and provide decent wages and safe working conditions for workers.“ Amazon said in a statement that the lawsuit did not accurately reflect the scale of the company`s efforts to protect its employees during the pandemic. Attorney General Letitia James said Kong and Tang deceived their workers and stole their wages. In addition, Amazon did not notify healthy workers who had been in contact with infected employees. The company also failed to give employees enough time to take preventative measures such as hygiene, sanitation and social distancing, according to court documents. The Attorney General`s Office (OAG) opened an investigation into the company in January 2020 and found that workers at the 19-64 42nd St.

site had not received minimum wage after it rose to $15 per hour on December 31, 2018. Investigators found that the company didn`t start paying workers the $15 rate until about a year after the law went into effect. „Amazon`s blatant disregard for health and safety requirements has threatened serious illness and harm to thousands of workers at these facilities and poses a significant and specific threat to public health,“ the filing states. You are also responsible for updating the Company`s policies and procedures regarding pay and sick leave, as well as other workplace matters such as sexual harassment and reasonable accommodation. Kong and Tang must also submit compliance reports to the BA for at least three years. The owners of a commercial dry cleaner in Astoria were arrested for defrauding their workers of $90,000 in wages (Photos: Waldemar Brandt via Unsplash and Google Maps) James filed a lawsuit against Amazon on Tuesday, accusing the tech giant of failing to take measures „repeatedly and persistently“ to protect its workers from the virus since the outbreak began. In 2019, the company paid some employees a portion of the salary to which they were entitled. Some of those employees finally received their full pay a few weeks later, while others never received it, officials said. Quality and reliability engineer for logic technology development An Amazon employee at work (photo courtesy of Amazon) In last week`s filing, Amazon defended its COVID-19 measures in the workplace, saying it has implemented more than 150 health and safety work procedures to protect employees during the pandemic. Last week, Amazon filed a preemptive lawsuit in federal court in Brooklyn to try to end James` trial. Rosanna Rodríguez, co-executive director of the Laundry Workers Center, said the organization has been fighting worker exploitation and wage theft in the laundry industry for more than a decade.