Legal Advice for Motoring Offences

If you are based outside England and Wales or need to appear before a Scottish or international court, we cannot defend you directly. However, we can put you in touch with an experienced team through our professional network and ensure that your legal requirements are met. We are one of the fastest growing law firms in the UK, headquartered in Preston, Lancashire. We offer solutions that fit perfectly with your needs. We are always ready to help, the firm offers specialized and complementary legal services in a variety of areas and our mission statement is to provide people with easier access to world-class legal services. Contact us immediately and speak to one of our lawyers before filling out all the paperwork and sending them back to the police. We will review the notice you have received and ensure that it complies with legal requirements. We advise you to fill it out or not and how to fill it out if necessary. Many technical protection measures depend on the proper execution of this part of the process by the police. Talk to a lawyer today.

If you end up in court, the right legal team can mean the difference between a long prison sentence and a chance to get back to your life. You have the right to legal representation – make sure you exercise it if needed. Traffic violations are common and a particular danger to runaway business people, our experienced auto lawyers represent clients nationwide and have an excellent track record in helping people keep their driver`s licenses. Even in cases where exclusion is mandatory, reducing the time spent on exclusion can cause people to return to work several months earlier than they would otherwise. Is there a threat of charges for traffic offences? Tell us about how we can help. If you need help with questions about traffic violations, contact First4Lawyers today by calling us for free, requesting a callback when it`s convenient for you, or asking online. We offer free legal advice to everyone and believe that everyone should have access to justice with the help of all legal experts. That`s why it`s important that you get help quickly. You can tell the police you want legal advice before you talk to them, even if they say they want a casual conversation. Auriga Advocates is unique in the way we treat our clients. We offer not only professional advice, but also understanding and support. We understand the trauma of being prosecuted for a traffic violation.

Our traffic lawyers know how you`re feeling right now, and we`re here to relieve stress and anxiety with our expert legal advice, representation and support in your case. You will receive the full attention of a road traffic specialist who will inform you honestly and easily of the progress of your file and the chances of success. Our goal is to promote your case, not our fees. Traffic offences may require expertise like ours. Traffic offences and traffic offences are one of the most common areas of law that we deal with on a daily basis, but when it comes to traffic offences of different severity and consequences, it is not always clear what constitutes a „serious traffic offence“ and why you need a lawyer in these cases. If you are confused about this area, read on. In the case of a traffic violation, it is important to consult a lawyer as soon as possible, especially if the police want to talk to you. The sooner you contact a legal team, the sooner they can advise you not to admit guilt.

Paul Loughlin is a traffic lawyer with over 10 years of experience, talking about Stephensons` services and why he would confidently recommend them to family and friends. Paul also explains why he thinks Stephensons` service is good value for money, highlighting the need to hire a legal team that specializes in traffic offenses when charged with such a violation. Sometimes a traffic violation can be minor; At other times, it could be much more serious with potentially devastating consequences. If you have received a notice of intent to prosecute or have been contacted by the police, we can advise you on the best course of action. It is always best to contact us early, as some options, such as road safety courses, are not available once a hearing date has been set. If you have been summoned to court, our lawyers can inform you about the likely outcome of your case and, if necessary, defend you in court, especially if you are threatened with a driving ban/withdrawal of your driving license. Whether you`re facing a traffic accident, dangerous driving charge, or any other traffic violation, our experienced attorneys can make sure you have the best defense. For more information on costs, please visit the Motor Vehicle Attorney`s Fees page. Of course, if you`ve been charged with a traffic violation, like driving without care or attention, or speeding, you`ll worry about what happens next.

In a time that is undoubtedly stressful for you and your loved ones, seeking professional legal advice can limit unnecessary worries and ensure that you are well prepared for the consequences. Article 1 of the Road Traffic Act stipulates that for most traffic offences, the registered owner of a vehicle must be informed of the proposed prosecution within 14 days. However, there are exceptions to this rule, such as: Patterson Law are traffic attorneys and provide free legal advice over the phone regarding the circumstances of your alleged traffic violation. We cover England and Wales and give you an indication of whether or not you are able to defend your claim. Depending on the complexity of the issue, we charge both fixed fees and hourly rates. The range of costs of defence against traffic offences is as follows: Traffic offences can be punished with high penalties. For example, a conviction for dangerous driving could result in an unlimited fine, a driving ban, and up to 14 years in prison. Driving with excessive alcohol consumption and dangerous driving will result in the mandatory withdrawal of the driver`s license for at least 12 months, and in the case of dangerous driving, an extended repeat test must be passed at the end of this period. For any offence that contains points, the court has the discretion to disqualify. In the case of speeding, the courts will consider disqualification if the claimed speed is 30 miles per hour above the speed limit. In this type of crime, each case is judged on its individual merits, but generally the court takes into account the seriousness of the offence (e.g. speed, other „aggravating characteristics“), mitigating factors related to the offence or defendant, previous convictions, and the defendant`s case.

If a rider receives 12 points over a period of three years, he will be disqualified for a period of 6 months. However, we can help „hesitant“ people avoid a ban if it can be shown that they would experience exceptional hardship. This requires careful preparation and collection of evidence, and it is important that the case is presented to the court appropriately. We have many years of successful experience in such cases. While each case is different, if you explain the circumstances of your case to one of our lawyers, we can give you an indication of what you can expect as punishment. We can reassure you or warn you if we think you need to worry! Serious traffic violations are the most serious and therefore have the most significant consequences, such as a driving ban or a criminal record or even imprisonment in serious cases. In addition to dangerous or reckless driving, the most serious offenses include: All work in traffic offenses is supervised by a qualified attorney. Specific experiences can be viewed through each team member`s profiles. Being charged with a traffic violation can be an extremely worrying time.

The right legal support can help make things a little less stressful. If you need to appear in court for a traffic violation, we can help you prepare your case and find a lawyer to represent you in court. With a highly specialised and dedicated team, we are well placed to advise on all aspects of road transport law in England and Wales. We provide expert legal assistance tailored to each client, provide clear and simple advice and strive for the best results. Auriga Advocates is one of the UK`s leading traffic offence lawyers, defending drivers nationwide for any type of S172 traffic offence. Failure to provide information to the driver, alcohol or drugs while driving, reckless or dangerous driving, to name a few. We also represent drivers who earn a living and work with their employer to protect their driver`s license and job, as well as their employer`s business. If your employees` traffic violations affect your business, we can help.

Our traffic lawyers can advise you on a wide range of offences, including but not limited to: For advice from our specialist traffic offence team, please call 01616 966 229. Unfortunately, legal aid is not available for most traffic offences. It is usually only provided in cases where a person is at serious risk of being sent to prison. Since legal aid is generally not available, you are expected to pay your fees privately or obtain other funding. If you have home or auto insurance, your insurer may agree to pay your legal fees according to the terms of your policy. If you are a member of a union, your membership may entitle you to assistance with your legal fees. If you are being prosecuted for an alleged traffic violation, you should always seek legal advice immediately.